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AGRUPAPULPI SA commitment to quality as a hallmark. Because we are connoisseurs of high demand from consumers regarding food safety, environmental and labor standards, every day we put our best efforts and dedication in getting to the final consumer a product with the highest quality standards.
Our philosophy and rationale is to satisfy each and every consumer demands. In AGRUPAPULPI SA, we are aware that the best way to demonstrate this commitment to quality, is in fact, for this reason our product and activity we perform is done according to the criteria of the most important international certificates of production and quality.



GlobalGAP is a set of internationally recognized standards on good agricultural, livestock and aquaculture (GAP) practices. For consumers and retailers, the GLOBALGAP certificate is a guarantee that foodstuffs comply with established standards of quality and safety, and which have been prepared in accordance with sustainability criteria, respecting the health, safety and welfare of workers, the average environment and taking into account respect for animals.



This is a standard created to ensure the quality and safety of food during processing, applicable to post-primary production stages. Associations of distributors and retailers in the UK, developed the BRC Global Standard.



The "Tesco NURTURE" standard is a requirement for producers supplying Tesco with fresh fruit and vegetables. Ensures the best agricultural practices in the production of fresh produce, this certification depends on producers demonstrate that the product is grown and handled in such a way that meets the requirements of the regulation and protects the environment.

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The F2F standard is a requirement for producers supplying the British supermarket chain Marks and Spencer. This certification ensures that the production process has been made following the code of good agricultural practices and paying special attention and respecting the environment.

Agrupa Pulpi


The IFS is a food safety and quality standard .
It was developed to have a tool with which to inspect the competence of food producers in terms of food safety and quality.



The QS scheme is a scheme of quality assurance in the food sector .
This scheme aims to ensure the whole process of food production , from their origin, through processing and commercialization. In short, it has requirements from the farmer to the supermarket shelf.



The GRASP acronym stands for GLOBALG.AP Risk Assessment for Social Practices, and is a volunteer and ready for use module, developed to assess social practices in the exploitation, addressing specific issues related to health , safety and welfare of workers.



Certified Quality is the brand created by the Junta de AndalucĂ­a to promote those products who wish to be known for its distinctive quality.
Within the plan Andaluza Modernisation of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Junta de Andalucia in its commitment to quality, has launched a plan to promote food products under a new brand: Certified Quality.
The objective of this brand is promoting the products and quality processes at local, national and international markets. For this we have designed a comprehensive plan to promote composed of a technical plan and a communication plan.
This plan is the starting point of the new symbol of quality for producers, distributors, restaurateurs and consumers. Its purpose is that all these sectors benefit from adopting a common project quality as a tool for the future.
Certified Quality, responding to consumer demands for quality, safety and respect for the environment, identify those products with a number of specific characteristics that give a quality guaranteed by a government agency such as the Junta de AndalucĂ­a through the Ministry of Tourism and Fisheries.


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