Agrupa Pulpi



AGRUPAPULPI SA was founded in 1981 by D. Francisco Belmonte Navarro and D. Bartolomé Soler Coronado, in order to produce, manipulate, commercialize and to distribute vegetables.

In AGRUPAPULPI our main objective is the full satisfaction of the customer. For this we have a qualified team, with youth and experience, plus facilities that ensure optimal storage conditions. Due to all of this, we are able to offer quality products with the highest parameters of health and hygiene, always inside the frame defined by legal and ethical requirements.
We pay special attention to the environment to reduce to the minimum the conditions that could affect it.

We have farms with a surface of production of over 1,700 hectares in different geographical areas (Almería, Murcia and Granada), with different climatic characteristics, which guarantees to have product available throughout the year to meet the demands of our customers.

In AGRUPAPULPI, combine tradition and experience with innovation and development in growing our products, always with a clear commitment of a proper use of the water resources by optimizing water.
AGRUPAPULPI has a hotbed own where we make a careful selection of seeds. With the latest technological advances and a deep knowledge of crop plants, we obtain plants of the highest quality. We controll the whole process regarding irrigation, nutrition, treatments, etc., and we establish the traceability of the product, from the seed up to the customer.

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